Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 12 January 2015

Garrison Immortals and Sparabara

Well, they're not all Garrison - I've included a few Hinchliffe as well... plus a few Minfigs...
  Massed Persian bows. About 200 of them.
   One of 4 70's Hinchliffe Immortal units, and the only one fit to be photographed at the moment

This is an old picture of an early 70's Garrison Immortal unit, also showing it's age

 My original recent idea was to have 48 strong Spara units, the Immortals  being in 'campaign' dress
 Which would be units like this

  Meanwhile, Irregular units such as this (and my Scythians) would be 6 to a base but still have shields close together,

 Of course, this was after I had produced these 24 strong units 8 to a base...

My generic archer painted (or rather used) as later Medes

And these are the PB Minifigs. Old figures, card Sparas, basically a way of recycling old figures.

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