Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

An Earlier Persian Army

This is basically the Persian army Pre-Garrison. Although I still have all these figures, quite a few haven't made it into the current Review.
This is the basic army as it stood about 8 years ago. It probably represents it's lowest point. Many of my earlier figures still hadn't been resurrected or repaired, others were MIA, quite a few of the subject races simply weren't subject any more.

At least the Great King was still in one piece then. I really must repair him. As I've previously noted, I took photos, few days later I dropped him.

 My favourite unit was (possibly still is) a unit of Lamming Sassanids converted to Persians.

I will confess I like the deer motif - should have used on a Scythian unit though.

The two units of Garrison 25mm infantry are survivors - I used to have a couple more at one time.

 Lamming provided a few units, including more Sassanids such as these light infantry archers and javelinmen. It was a time of quite nicely painted shield patterns, just the standards were a bit large and... well, the parrot on top was at least original.

It's an interesting reflection of how armies change over the years, even if this particular force was far from complete.

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