Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 26 January 2015

Possibility of some 'S' Range Ancients production in future...

There have been a few times in the past when when I've raised this with no reply. This time, responding to 'Any chance of either bringing out early series PB or 'S' range figures,' I received 'I haven't come across any S range in molds but I THINK I have some masters.
> Which code and how many would you need?' and later 'we have no plans to re-do S ranges but would mold some up if someone wanted 100+ over, say 2-3 codes
and we had the masters|!!'

Well, I can provide some masters, also when given an idea of what I would be interested in I got 'WEll, that sounds worth doing then
Remind me in about a month to see if I've found them'


'Possibility' of production in limited sense then, so if anyone is interested might be an idea to let me know so I can forward the info to Dave Ryan - I doubt he would want lots of people emailing him but if I can give him some idea of the potential, who knows, 'we have no plans to re-do S ranges' might become 'Yes, it's worth doing.'


  1. Nice idea, but I have been asking Dave to re-release a complete certain range since he took over Minifigs with similar non-committal results (last one was 'life's too short to bother looking for all the moulds'), so good luck, but don't hold your breath. Not sure if he realises the following the old Minifigs ranges have or I'm sure he would feel it was a worthwhile venture.

    1. I've been trying for years and this is the first time I've had a reply. However, in this case specific numbers are on the table, plus 'but would mold some up' - and I could provide some masters if needed, so promising - though as you say it's very much wait-and-see.