Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Lydia and Phrygia

This is basically most of the troops that would form the main components of the Satrapies in Asia Minor or other independent states in that general area. As Garrison made an 'Ionian' hoplite, that's the main figure I used for the hoplite component, with the Phrygian javelinman making up most of the rest.
 Lydian cavalry equipped with a long spear.

The figures are more of those I sold to Harry and that have come home.

The original figure was the cavalry standard bearer - remove the standard and you have a decent lancer.
 Ionian hoplites and a unit of G3s in Carian service

This unit is one of my original 1970s units.

For the Carians I went all Hollywood with black leather armour and black helmets.
The standard bearer is actually from the later 25mm range that had open hands - he has been given a Gallic cockerel standard  as Carians were nicknamed cocks due to their red helmet plumes.
These 2 units are ex-Harry

Massed peltasts and axemen!
One unit of these are on close order bases to act as 'pre-hoplite spearmen'
 This unit has Greek/Lydian and Persian command groups to give added flexibility.

 This unit of straight peltasts is another of my relic 70's units.
The axemen, though, came from Harry
As did the light cavalry.
 This figure is virtually identical to the Phrygian cavalryman (illustration 76) in the Blandford Warriors and Weapons of Early Times.
And finally a unit of scratchbuilt chariots.

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  1. Nice Army. My favourites are the Carians. Hollywood or not I like them.