Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Minifigs Persian Cavalry

My Minifigs Persian cavalry seem to have suffered over the years. Some missing, some still in the middle of being repainted when abandoned, sad tale. If it wasn't from the ones I got from Harry then this post probably wouldn't have been worth doing.
One of (or only) my Minifigs 'S' Range Persian units. Don't think I had any others as most of my cavalry were Garrison.  However, I have got 2 other units from Harry which I have previously posted here: Minifigs 'S' Range Persians

 Should be more of these and I should probably have finished repainting them. Probably about 25 years ago.
 Early PB Range - at least they're painted.
 Later PB Range. I used to like big standards - dates this unit to late 70s-early 80s.
  Small bought standard shows this unit is late 90s or early00s
 'Harry's' cavalry - though I don't know who painted them
Sort of middle period PB Range...

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