Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Persian army - Grand Review teaser

Having spent ages redoing all the individual parts of the Persian army - well, haven't finished yet - I thought I'd like to see them out en masse.  Haven't sorted lights out and ran out of time setting up but I thought I'd do a temporary share of how it stands at the moment. Still not sure if I'll get everything on that I want to get on and thee will still be a few units missing if I do!

First couple of photos are shots down the length of the 6x4 table showing what's out so far. I haven't the faintest idea at the moment how many figures are actually on show!

 The next shot shows part of the first line - basically Immortals and Sparabara.
 Although this looks like three lines it's really meant as two. In the third line you can see many of the 'levies' including Indians, Egyptians and Assyrians.
 Looking at this picture, perhaps I need to separate the second and third lines a bit more.

 The solid mass at the back includes the Thebans, Lydians and Phrygians.


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